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Yippee Ki Yay! Sederstrom Has Historic First Weekend 


Records Set To Fall


Train Back On Track


Bone Leads Quack Attack


Player Scenarios Posted


130 competitors. One shuffleboard phenom. The odds are against Scott Sederstrom. ThatÕs just the way he likes it.


After a grueling chase, Det. Peralta got his man Sunday night like John McClane bringing down Hans Gruber.


SederstromÕs eight wins Sunday bring his win-loss tally to an impressive 43-5 over the first weekend. That is a Chippens all-time record.


Sederstrom had some inspired picks, to be sure, but the Valparaiso resident also benefited from a year with no Bryce Drew heroics—all 12 of the top seeds are still alive.


Indeed, before this year, only eight players in Chippens history had achieved 40 or more total wins in the first weekend. But this year alone eight more players, including Sederstrom, met that mark.


The record books could see some more re-writing if the trend holds. On the list of the top-20 Chippens single season scores of all time, nine—including five of the top six—are from 2009, which is the last time all 12 tops seeds advanced to the Sweet 16. 


Right behind Sederstrom in second place is Train (Aaron Miller). Miller is in his third year of competition and is hoping to rebound from a 117th-place finish last year.


The Cadillac, Mich. native and drummer extraordinaire has all eight of his Elite 8 teams still alive. HeÕll be paying close attention to that Purdue/Tennessee matchup Thursday evening. The A-Train is one of 33 players with Purdue.


When will the big upset come? Oregon over Virginia would count. Eight players have Oregon, including Bone, presently in eighth place. Bone finished second in 2009 with a score that still ranks third in Chippens history, but he hasnÕt had a top-20 finish since. A win by the Ducks Thursday night could put him in the lead. 


Two other players with Oregon badly need a win: MonsterTRUCk (129th place) and Harley-Dog (120th place). Hope is not lost for those two, yet.


Believe it or not, both can still win it all. Yes, for real. In fact, if your name is not Polar Vortex, itÕs likely you can, too. Check out Player Scenarios, a new report posted Sunday night, which tells you your best and worst possible finish and who to root for.