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Rabbit Hops To Front


Stertz In Second, For Now


Mazy, 50 More Can Still Win




theRabbit (J. Thompson), playing in his 13th tourney in the Modern Era (2005-present), notched a perfect Monday to take the lead. He is the only player who won all eight games, and heÕs the only player with 12 wins in the Sweet 16, an impressive tally considering all the major upsets. Only one other player, Alumniiiii, even got to 10.    


Rabbit has three top 10 finishes in his illustrious career, but the big man has never won the big prize, or any prize. His top finish is 4th in 2009. His 182 points that year still ranks as the fifth best all-time, and his pick percentage of 79% ranks fourth best.


But oh what could have been. Rabbit was leading the field by 15 points heading into the final game in 2009. His bracket, already remarkable, was on the verge of era-defining resplendent majesty. With one more win, he would have not only won the *first edition* Grand Prize T-Shirt (which featured Rob Deere on the back), but also set a single season points record that would still stand to this day and perhaps never be broken.


But his Michigan State Spartans fell to North Carolina in the championship, pushing three players who picked the Tar Heels ahead of him and leaving Rabbit one spot off the podium. Instead, the t-shirt and the euphoria of Chippens immortality fell into the soft belly of Blizzard T. Husky (who, coincidentally, is currently in last place).  


They say fourth place at the Olympics is the worst thing in sports. But that is like dessert at the Cheesecake Factory compared to the bitter taste of finishing fourth in the Chippens Tourney when victory and eternal glory are so close at hand.


Will this year bring vindication to the Rabbit? In some respects, given all the upsets, his performance thus far is even more splendid than 2009. But once again, if he wins, he will have to do it without picking the champ, since his pick of Illinois received a good paddling over Sister JeanÕs knee.


His hope lies in Florida State. HeÕs one of 22 with the ŌNoles upsetting Michigan. And heÕs one of just two players with Florida State in the Final Four.


NerdStertz is currently in second place, having picked up six wins on Monday. Her grip at the top will be hard to hold, however, as she ranks 83rd in the projected standings with only 45 possible points left to earn.


Still, itÕs impressive to see Stertz near the top of the leaderboard at all given she is the only person to pick Ohio State as the champion. That loss looked fatal until Illinois also went down.


But Stertz has a pulse. Player Scenarios, a new report just posted, shows Sara can win it all. She just needs Oral Roberts to win it all as well. Ok, itÕs a faint pulse. 


The amazing Ms. MarliMazy has the most points left to earn and the best purely mathematical chance to win. Although currently in 47th place with a pick percentage of 50%, Marli is the only player in the tournament who still has all Elite 8 teams still alive.  


She and 50 other players can still win it all. Many more can still finish in the prizes. Find out your best and worst possible finish, and who to root for, by checking out Player Scenarios.


Good luck to all!